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School Sport Specialists

West Lancashire Sport Partnership has School Sport Specialists working across over fifty schools. We are committed to providing expert teachers and coaches who are passionate about working with young people. Our School Sport Specialists are at the heart of our 'core offer'. 

We strongly believe both young people and school staff benefit greatly from working with and alongside our specialists in their field of expertise. 

We currently deliver over 460 hours of PE lessons and extra-curricular sport every week across the region. 


Core PE delivery is split into six areas to reflect the intended outcomes of the national curriculum. We work closely with the PE adviser from LCC and all of our lesson plans and objectives are based on the Lancashire Scheme of Work. 

All of our sessions are differentiated to meet the needs of every learner within each class. 

The six areas that we have identified for delivery are: 

- Athletics

- Dance

- Target and Invasion Games

- Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

- Striking and Fielding

- Gymnastics

School Sport Specialists are rotated every half-term, providing schools with the opportunity to work with six different specialists each academic year.

Many models of delivery have been tried and tested over the last fifteen years and we believe that this model has the greatest impact in developing the physical literacy and specific skills in young people.

We also believe that working with specialist staff provides the most effective platform for the CPD of teachers and teaching assistants within PE and school sport.

School staff are encouraged to join the specialist within the session - whether that involves working one-to-one with a child, working with a small group, or leading parts of the session themselves. 

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