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SSP Delivery

A School Sport Specialist working in a school will undertake the following tasks: 

- Deliver a progressive unit of work to pupils from Nursery through to Year 6 which can include mixed year groups. 

- Assessment of each individual child using an age-appropriate core task from the Lancashire Scheme of Work. These assessments are then collated every half-term and emailed out to schools for their viewing. 

- Embed our Champions of Character character education programme into curriculum and extra-curricular delivery. This explicitly teaches honesty, reflection, responsibility, respect, empathy and resilience. The specialists reward these behaviours demonstrated by young people with stickers and postcards home. 

- Delivery of a School Games Level 1 Competition related to the specialist's specific area, to individual classes or to a collapsed number of classes for a larger-scale event in school. Team and individual achievements in these Level 1, intra-school competitions are rewarded with stickers, certificates and medals. 

- Delivery of a targeted Change4Life Lunchtime Sports Club, engaging less-active pupils in school.

- Delivery of an Afterschool Sports Club focusing on the development of skills for a specific sport and introducing these skills into small-sided games. 

A selection of feedback from our schools:

- '...absolutely excellent in every respect'

- 'I did a learning walk on Monday and the key strengths I found were the pace of the lessons and communication with pupils.'

- 'Behaviour in PE was a slight issue last year and this has not been the case so far this half term. It feels like the pupils don’t have time to behave negatively as the learning is constantly moved on.' 

- 'a highly competent coach and the children have really enjoyed their sessions this half term.'

- 'Great behaviour management as he has the children engaged and you can see the children progressing each week'.

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